Craigavon Chapter Meeting

Venue: Seagoe Hotel, Craigavon.

Date & Time: 13/02/2018 19:30 - 22:00

Craigavon Chapter Meeting

On Tuesday the 13th of February at 7 30pm we invite you to hear the story of Paul Oberholzer

Paul was a successful South African Businessman, who just a few years ago became terminally ill and with no hope of survival: After prayer he was miraculously healed: A short time after he was fully water baptised and also baptised in the Holy Ghost.

At this time he was called by God to begin working for Him, and in obedience he gave his entire business to his staff and walked away.  He then gave his house to his mother.

Since that time he has been travelling as a missionary and in the last 2 years has been serving God in 11 Countries.  His passion is to bring Gods Word to the people who have lost everything.  Most of his time has been to the Muslim controlled parts of the world such as Iran, Turkey, Jordan,and Arabic communities.

Once people accepted Jesus to be Lord of their lives, his desire has been to see them being water baptised by full immersion.  This might be in the Sea of Galilee, in a hotel room, or in the River Jordan.  Paul finds that these people are hungry for the only gospel which brings peace,hope, and salvation, through our Lord Jesus Christ.
On most days he volunteers to work from 6pm until 12pm so that he can be free during the day to do God’s work.  He has also been instructed by the Lord not to be burden on People, and to work in hotels from 6am to 12pm for food and accommodation.  His payment is to see lives changed forever.

The cost of the dinner will be £9 which is payable at the door on the night.

To book for the dinner, please ring John on 028 3884 1165, before or no later than Noon on the Monday previous to the dinner.

If it isn’t possible for you to join with us in time for the dinner, you will be most welcome after the meal at 8 30

You can download an invitation for others here