Meet God in the Dock? - Cafe! 9-10:30 am usually last Sat of each month...but often not Dec

Wake up, shake up, make up - and see the difference!?

wake up from hibernation,

shake yourself up from what holds you back,


make straight up for God...


Weary, tired, exhausted   ...   looking for meaning and purpose!?


Instead of letting the world make a meal from your life,

why not get some life from a meal to face the world !?


Jesus said (paraphrased):-

" You can't just live only on bread, you've got to hear from God if you really want to live! "


You want to know the meaning of life,

you need to know that God lives and loves,

if we would only get with His plan!


You can have peace now and forever...

surely that's not too much trouble, after all you've been through!?


So why not come around for a meal,

..and get some good soulfood too...

and hear from others who went from peril to pearl!


It’s an easy going chat after a laid-back meal,

but could give you an easy going angle, before you'll be laid back forever!


You’ve only an hour to spend ... and eternity to gain... 

...just turn right, and keep straight on... to God!



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