Welcome to the website for FGB in Ireland

The purpose and focus of the Full Gospel Businessmen in UK & Ireland is to reach men and women for Christ and to empower them for life through the power of the Holy Spirit!

What began following a vision given to Demos Shakarian, a business man, has spread to 160 nations in every continent in the world. The life changing story is told in the book "The Happiest People On Earth" which can be purchased from the national office.

John Gates is the FGB Director for Ireland. John shares his personal story in the short video above.

Belfast Breakfast

Date & Time: 25/01/2020 09:00 - 10:30

Venue: Dock Cafe

Come and enjoy good food , music and real life stories of how God changes lives when you come to know Him personally.  Not just know about Him but actually experience His love healing and grace……

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